Saturday, March 9, 2013

Idiot Circus

Aright y'all, the Idiot Circus is here. Grab a copy over at Deranged or at one of the following shows. More details as they come in.

Fri 3/22 NYC @ the Acheron w/ Perdition, Deformity, Combat Zone, Sad Boys
Sat 3/23 Worcester, MA @ the Firehouse w/ Hero Dishonest (Finland), Dry Hump, S.H.I.T., Ancient Filth
Sun 3/24 Buffalo, NY @ Spiral Scratch w/ S.H.I.T.
Mon 3/25 Philly @ Wolf Cycles w/ Hero Dishonest, Dopestroke
Tues 3/26 Richmond @ Gallery 5 w/ Iron Lung, Dream Decay, Violent Outburst
Weds 3/27 Raleigh @ Slims w/ Double Negative, Whatever Brains, No Love
Thurs 3/28 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Mercenary (ex Bukkake Boyz), Uniform
Fri 3/29 New Orleans live on the Atomic Lawn, WTUL 91.5 FM
Sat 3/30 New Orleans @ the Mo-Ped Shop w/ Mystic Inane, Everything Rules

4/12-13 Washington, DC @ Damaged City Fest w/ Double Negative, Culo, lots more

5/30-6/3 Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas w/ everyone + yer moms

+Last show, Bay Area


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greetings Earth Scum

2013 is here and we're nearing the home stretch, but not before a few big things:

The new/final record is now at press. It's a huge step up from the other two and features artwork by Chicago's dementoid-in-chief, Jeff Klepper. Should be out by mid-March in time for one last lap along the east coast. Tentative dates below.

Come April 12-13, we'll be returning for a one-off show in my hometown of Washington DC along with DOUBLE NEGATIVE, CULO, GIVE, and a ton of others.

More tasty treats TBA soon, so stay tuned.

Fri 3/22 NYC
Sat 3/23 Worcester, MA
Sun 3/24 Buffalo, NY
Mon 3/25 Philly
Tues 3/26 Richmond
Weds 3/27 Raleigh
Thurs 3/28 Atlanta
Fri 3/29 New Orleans
Sat 3/30 New Orleans

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Band changes, new record and other BS

Back from tour and oh what a glorious mess it was. Thanks to all the kind people who made it happen, and a special shout out to the Canadian border folks for letting us in despite their national security interests.

The big news is Kirk is packing up and moving to NYC in mid-November. But we're hustling to record a new 7incher before he leaves and, against all better judgment, we're even keeping him on the payroll for a couple final trips along the coasts next year.

Shows are gonna be pretty sporadic from here on out, but we'll be playing SUBVERSION Vol 1 in Oakland with MALE NURSES, WHITE WARDS, HOAX, and a few others come December, as well as an L.A. date with HOAX earlier that weekend.

Over and out

Monday, July 16, 2012


Heading back to the land of the rising cheeseburger in a few weeks. All shows are set except for NYC (HELP!!) We'll have a three song tour tape for sale. More flyers soon.

8/3 - St Louis w/ Tin Needles, Pink Sock @ Bonerville
8/4 - Chicago w/ Whatever Brains, Slag, Violent End @ Mousetrap
8/5 - Detroit w/ Whatever Brains, Chit Chat, Amoebas @ PJs Lager House
8/6 - Toronto w/ School Jerks (record release), Dope Body @ Devils Cellar
8/7 - OFF for poutine
8/8 - Montreal w/ Shot Nerves, Born Wrong, Asco @ Death House
8/9 - Boston w/ Prisoner Abuse, Like Bats @ Spaced Mountain
8/10 - Western Mass w/ Brain Killer, Foreign Objects @ house in Holyoke
8/11 - NYC w/ Raw Meat, Goosebumps, Mutant Genes @ Shea Stadium

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"This is the sloppiest, most amateurish operation I've ever seen..."

Playing one more California show this summer (see below flyer from Martin Crudo) before a self-imposed exile to write, record, and head back to the east coast-midwest. Most shows are in the works, but if you can help somehow, get in touch.

8/3 - St Louis
8/4 - Chicago
8/5 - Detroit
8/6 - Toronto
8/7 - OFF for poutine
8/8 - - Montreal
8/9 - Boston
8/10 - Western Mass
8/11 - NYC

Til then, here's a little something from the DOUBLE NEGATIVE show to tide you over.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012