Saturday, March 9, 2013

Idiot Circus

Aright y'all, the Idiot Circus is here. Grab a copy over at Deranged or at one of the following shows. More details as they come in.

Fri 3/22 NYC @ the Acheron w/ Perdition, Deformity, Combat Zone, Sad Boys
Sat 3/23 Worcester, MA @ the Firehouse w/ Hero Dishonest (Finland), Dry Hump, S.H.I.T., Ancient Filth
Sun 3/24 Buffalo, NY @ Spiral Scratch w/ S.H.I.T.
Mon 3/25 Philly @ Wolf Cycles w/ Hero Dishonest, Dopestroke
Tues 3/26 Richmond @ Gallery 5 w/ Iron Lung, Dream Decay, Violent Outburst
Weds 3/27 Raleigh @ Slims w/ Double Negative, Whatever Brains, No Love
Thurs 3/28 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Mercenary (ex Bukkake Boyz), Uniform
Fri 3/29 New Orleans live on the Atomic Lawn, WTUL 91.5 FM
Sat 3/30 New Orleans @ the Mo-Ped Shop w/ Mystic Inane, Everything Rules

4/12-13 Washington, DC @ Damaged City Fest w/ Double Negative, Culo, lots more

5/30-6/3 Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas w/ everyone + yer moms

+Last show, Bay Area


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greetings Earth Scum

2013 is here and we're nearing the home stretch, but not before a few big things:

The new/final record is now at press. It's a huge step up from the other two and features artwork by Chicago's dementoid-in-chief, Jeff Klepper. Should be out by mid-March in time for one last lap along the east coast. Tentative dates below.

Come April 12-13, we'll be returning for a one-off show in my hometown of Washington DC along with DOUBLE NEGATIVE, CULO, GIVE, and a ton of others.

More tasty treats TBA soon, so stay tuned.

Fri 3/22 NYC
Sat 3/23 Worcester, MA
Sun 3/24 Buffalo, NY
Mon 3/25 Philly
Tues 3/26 Richmond
Weds 3/27 Raleigh
Thurs 3/28 Atlanta
Fri 3/29 New Orleans
Sat 3/30 New Orleans