Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back from tour + more

Back from tour and oh! what a great goddamn time we had. Being crushed to death by HOAX night after night really is the life. Thanks to all the lovely people who did the shows and came to em, and to Kirk's mom for supplying us with so many embarrassing images from his youth.

We're gonna be taking a break for a bit to write new tunes and masturbate in a corner. Til then, check out this write up of the first 7" on the Art4Punks site, and the following review of the new single in this month' Maximum R&R.

NEO CONS - "Hardcore Elite/Kill The Police"

A two-track shredder from these bay area cretins has crept its way into my top ten this month. Raunchy production and enough power make this a standout release. The flip side is a cover by JESUS & THE GOSPELFUCKERS, what a great song to cover and the NEO CONS do it justice. My only complaint is that it would've been nice to have one more track of their own on this fine, fine EP. A winner.

-Martin Sorrondeguy