Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recording and Tour

Recording: success. We're sending this shit off to Deranged ASAP, so expect a six-song 7" in mid-March. We're also scheming on a special little something for further down the road; details when the time comes.

Here are our East Coast/Midwest tour dates. More info soon, but here's the general picture for now:

Thur 3/31 Boston w/ Libyans, Boston Strangler @ location TBD
Fri 4/1 Holyoke, W Mass w/ Libyans, Defect Defect @ righteousreliability@gmail for location
Sat 4/2 Brooklyn w/ Libyans, Concrete Cross @ Stolen Sleeves Collective, 538 Johnson
Sun 4/3 DC w/ Lotus Fucker @ the Wasted Dream, 431 Kenyon St. NW
Mon 4/4 Richmond w/ Southside Stranglers, Crooked Teeth, Eurotics @ Brunswick House
Tues 4/5 Raleigh w/ Logic Problem, Brain F≠ (probably @ Berkeley Cafe)
Weds 4/6 Nashville w/ Symptoms, Cannomen @ Little Hamilton Collective, 1318 Little Hamilton St
Thurs 4/7 St. Louis w/ Cardiac Arrest, Nrml Ppl @ Cranky Yellow, 2847 Cherokee St
Fri 4/8 Chicago pizza party
Sat 4/9 Chicago w/ Manipulation, Herds (record release), Skrapyard @ 2831 N. Kostner

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News and Shit

Heading to the studio next week to fart around, eat pizza, and maybe even record for a 7"er to coincide with a late March tour to the East Coast/Midwest. Dates aren't set yet, but email thrashahoyatgmaildotcom if you're interested in helping out.

In the meantime, here's a splendid review of the demo, courtesy of ye olde tape wizard over at Terminal Escape.